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Welcome to New Endeavor Texas

Grassroots Empowerment, Sustainable Change

New Endeavor Texas trains, connects and invests in organizers to create long-term solutions for their local priorities. 

Founded on the principle that we cannot solve the issues facing Texas with unpaid volunteer labor, NET is focused on the creating the organizing infrastructure that Texas desperately needs. Will you help us make Texas a more equitable place for all with a donation today?


Our Mission & Vision

The mission of New Endeavor Texas is to empower organizers to create sustainable local change. 

We envision a liberated Texas where diverse and inclusive communities thrive. Where a joyful, healthy and connected society is the norm. Every Texan deserves a system that supports their wellbeing through good policy, authentic representation and supportive economies.

We know this will take time, and incredible investment, but we believe our approach may finally tip Texas toward the just and equitable future we need. 


We are building people power by partnering with organizers in rural and suburban counties, with an emphasis on those with marginalized identities. Our hyper-local relationships are the basis of our state-wide network.


We support collaborations within and between our priority counties via a state-wide network, and offer training and resources to fill the gaps in knowledge and needs. 


We turn local organizers into social entrepreneurs. Paying organizers, and teaching them to sustain the economic power of their own communities, keeps organizers and resources where they can make the biggest impact.


Our Approach

NET’s approach to organizing is grounded in two core principles: Sustainability and Collaboration. Both of these core principles take shape via our unique labor model.

Our Programs

Based on our cohort training model, our programs create intra- and inter-county connections ensuring NET organizers are able to share best practices and create change on their own terms.

Our Team

With years of grassroots, policy and professional advocacy experience, the NET Leadership Team and Board of Directors believe deeply in the power of the people of Texas.

Support Us

Texas Needs YOU

While the issues facing Texas organizers are common, Texas is a bellwether of change, and exerts outsized influence on other states – and the country as a whole.

That’s why we believe it is imperative to invest in Texas NOW. Our focus on the sustainability of the progressive movement and ending the cycle of burnout in marginalized organizers means we need all hands on deck. Will you help create the equitable Texas we all deserve?

What the people want

is very simple – 

they want an America

as good as its promise.

- Barbara Jordan